Matt Wolfe

Communications & Marketing Professional

Louisiana Budget Game

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The State of Louisiana is currently in the midst of a budget crisis. As residents and leaders dream up creative ways to bridge the funding gap, the reality is that many solutions are unsuitable due to the complex regulations that leave the majority of the state’s budget sources untouchable.

As our team thought through effective ways to communicate how much the hands of our lawmakers are really tied, we chose to present the actual financial data through a learning “game” which allows users to adjust revenue streams and spending levels to balance the budget. More often than not, these options are not possible, generating a buzzer sound and sliders that bounce back to thresholds that are within current legal limits.

The site is currently actively in use by business associations around the state, and is being referenced on the Capitol floor as the current legislative session is underway in Baton Rouge.

My contributions: Product concept, project management, and writing

Visit the site: http://labudgetgame.org